Company law

KLEINER Rechtsanwälte has one of its specialisations in the field of company law. This applies equally to the law governing partnerships, joint stock enterprises and groups of companies. We can advise on matters such as the choice of legal form, the detailed design of articles of association and consortium agreements, the admission or leaving of partners/shareholders, and the planning and arrangements for business and wealth succession.

Another important aspect of our activities lies in the provision of consultancy and assistance in relation to the restructuring of business enterprises or groups of companies. Our advice and support encompasses company reorganisations – in particular mergers, spin-offs and demergers, hive-offs and changes of legal form, as well as the design and structuring of contractual groups through inter-company agreements or assimilation. We represent our clients in typical conflict situations, such as conflicts between the majority and minority or between the management and shareholders.

We are also forensically active, e.g. in the case of legal actions either contesting resolutions or calling for declarative rulings in relation to resolutions of stock corporations, procedural disputes relating to the dismissal of governing bodies or individuals, or proceedings dealing with compensation for shareholders affected by restructuring measures or leaving a company on other grounds, or for other partners/shareholders or companies.